The term ‘sound design’ can be taken pretty wide, for now, I will focus on sound for media such as film, tv, animation and game.
Since October 2018 I’ve been working as a freelance sound designer. I’ve worked on multiple films, tv-shows, animations and games.

As a sound designer I can help you with:
– sound design
– foley
– sound effects editing
– dialogue editing
– mixing
– adr recording

I’ve worked on media such as: ‘Verliefd op Cuba’, ‘Mocro Maffia’, ‘De Luizenmoeder’, ‘Suriname’ and more.


Within the work as sound designer I have a huge passion for the art of foley.

Foley is the reproduction of sound effects that are added to film, tv, animation and games. These reproduced sounds, named after sound effects artist ‘Jack Foley’, can be anything from the swishing clothing and footsteps to squeeky doors and rattling chains.

In the picture to the left I reproduce the sound of kids throwing little rocks in the water. This sound effect  requires multiple layers, recorded in multiple takes. This is a take where I recorded the sounds coming from the hand.