The artist behind the name Poolz is a 24-year-old graduate at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. At HKU, he studied composition and sound design.

Poolz truly loves nature and philosophy. With his music, he tries to find the rules of nature, which are none. He doesn’t really like static rhythms or assigned sound, which are sounds that are always the same.

Most people always try to find the perfect count or the perfect notes, but he feels the opposite. For Poolz the emotion should be right. The atmosphere is much more important than the perfection of play.




We always try to find perfection, yet if we have perfection we try to find human error.

This makes no sense.. I’d rather stick with the beauty of human error. 


Philosophy of nature

Where ever I go, where ever I be, whenever I look up into the sky, or watch the wind blow through the leaves of an old tree, it inspires me.
The nature is always in the moment, doing what it does. It’s never wrong, or in a bad place. It is.
This is what I try to be as well, and how I want my music to sound to you.