As composer I can help you with music for all media such as film, game and also art installations.

This year I’ve worked together with New York Times reporter ‘Ian Urbina’.
Musicians and journalists are both storytellers. One uses sounds, the other leverages words. The Outlaw Ocean Music Project is a first-of-its-kind collaboration of such creators. In combining their mediums, these narrators have conveyed emotion and a sense of place in an enthralling new way. The result is a captivating body of music based on The New York Times best-selling book by Ian Urbina called The Outlaw Ocean, which chronicles a lawless realm that few of us realized existed.

Right now I’m composing music for a interactive Theater play which you’ll be able to visit in Amsterdam from the 19th of September (2020).
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The Piano

My musical journey grew with me exploring the Piano. The piano has always had a huge impact on my life.
The sound, timbre and possibilities keep inspiring me. I feel comfortable and safe behind the piano.

Therefor, as composer, you’ll often hear a piano in my work.