With the age of thirteen I began to play the piano. Starting this journey I explored playing the piano and wanted to learn more about this. Friends informed me about a digital working station named ‘FL Studio’. This introduced my next chapter.

In the next years, I made my own music. Step by step I grew my interest and passion along with creative skills.
When I was 17 I bought my first handheld field recorder. With this field recorder I recorded sounds and used them in my music. To this day, I occasionally still use this recorder (Tascam dr40).

At the age of twenty, I started my bachelor ‘Music and Technology’ at the University of Arts (HKU) in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
The HKU has a lot of different directions for its students to go too. This year, I’ll graduate as copmoser and sound designer.

Besides making music I create sound design for media such as film, tv, animation and games. Find my IMDb here.

Since the start of my adventure, I would have never expected to be where I am now. Millions of people have listened to my work and the emotional roller coaster is huge. The amount of incredible people I have met all over the world is huge and always counting. I’m always open to get in touch with someone else that I share the passion of sound with.

With passion for sound, nature, life and storytelling I combine these into one.

Some FAQ.

Where are you from?
I'm from The Hague, in The Netherlands.
Who is your favourite artist?
I think this changes from time to time, but one of my all time favs are:
Sigur Rós
Nils Frahm
Bon Iver
Hybrid Minds
Ólafur Arnalds
Do you perform live?
I do sort of, I played my EP called 'Drifting Atoms' live.
Right now, I would love to perform live, but before this can be realized, I would have to make a plan and organize a team to help me. (for example with lights).
So for the future: hopefully yes.
What genre is your music?
This is a hard one, actually, I don't really want to put names or genres to music.
But when I have to I would say 'Ambient'.